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    whm autopilot or ipanel?

    Can someone tell me which is better? Anyone tried both? The ads features seems neat with ipanel. Thanks

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    I would prefer iPanel over WHM Auto Pilot, but you should look at WHMCS as well.

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    Ok so looks like whmcs is nicer then whm autopilot? Now which is better ipanel or whmcs? Thanks


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    iPanel is good if you are running a free hosting website. WHMCS is best if you are going with a paid site. I use both for those purposes.

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    Ipanel has a new version I saw. I am interested in running free and paid. So I would have to run ipanel and whmcs? That sounds confusing. Especially for signups

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    To be honest, don't run free and paid on the same server.

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    I was thinking of discounted with ads and then full price no ads. This being the case which is better?

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    The ad module isn't all that good either. It breaks most scripts like forum software, Joomla, Wordpress, basically anything that isn't just html.

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    Ok so whmcs seems to be winner.

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    WHM Auto Pilot sucks, try iHost

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    I would also recommend WHMCS over IPanel. Works Great!

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    yeah my recommendation is whmcs... i always use it

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    iPanel would definitely be useful if you were running a free host, but most paid providers choose WHMCS.

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    WHMCS is the winner. WHMAuto Pilot takes forever to get anything done with it. WHMAut Pilot doesn't even get updated in forever. I just don't like whmautopilot anymore.

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