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    Anyone in the mood to help me out?

    Something weird is happening... I am running a server with latest build of WHM/CPANEL. I have suexec turned off (if that matters).

    When someone trys to WEB-PROTECT a folder, it works fine, except for that, once the user has gained access by entering his password and username, it brings them to a Page Cannot Be Displayed error.... WHY? I have no idea.... Oh, and it displays fine if there is no .htaccess file in the directory or any of that.

    What can I do?? Thanks

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    Are you sure you have a default document in that directory? Or directory browsing enabled?
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    .. Yea.. I have an index.html file in the directory.. And How do I "Enable" directory browsing?

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    can you post this htaccess

    and btw

    Options Indexes and Options -Indexes to enable/disable browsing.

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