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    * Need a Logo/Website


    I am on the committee to create a Concert/Festival in my Local Area, South East of England (UK), all money will be going towards charity's that help soldier's who come back from Iraq, and other countries Injured.

    We are currently in talks with some large companies for gaining sponsors for the event, so all profits can go towards the charities.

    We are in need of a logo for the Website/Marketing, I am looking for the following.

    Either a Logo with the word's Est-Fest with obviously a music / festival theme, we are looking at Current Top 40 band's, if you need to know genre of the Festival.

    We have a max budget of around 50 due to currently using my own money to get the site up and running, however I can place a link back to your site on the bottom of every page, which will be visited by 1000's of people.

    However if someone would like to sponser us, by creating a fully featured website for 50 + link back then that would be great, we could also provide a link to your design site on the bottom of marketing (flyer's and advertisements)

    I can't really release too much information now, however the direction this is going, we are in talk's with TV stations who are interested aswell as some large multi national countries's.

    Payment wold be via PayPal.

    Thanks for your help, and hopefully we can raise alot of money for the people that fight for our freedom.


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    Well, if you are doing this for charity, I would like to help you for free.
    Though I'm not a Pro at GFX, but still, you can try me.
    I can only help you with a Logo and not the site design.
    So, I want some more information like Size, Color combinations, etc etc.

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    Size: 600px x 500px
    Colour: Bright eye catching but still professional, contact me by PM if you want some example's as don't think I can legal link to other people's work in the open domain.

    Any other's interested would be welcome.


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    Hi Ashley,

    My name is Anthony Jewell and my portfolio can be seen at . I am interested in helping you with designing the website for your charity for free. Please feel free to pm or email me so we can talk further. Thanks.

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