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    * ★ Clearance Hosting Designs ★ From $49 to $1099 ★


    Over the years, I've ended up with several unsold or uncompleted designs. I've decided to clear out my unsold designs folder, so I'm putting them up for sale for lower prices than regular.

    All designs come with PSD files only, sold as is.
    You can find coders on WHT who will code a PSD file for $50 or lower, so you can turn these into developed websites.

    Most Recent Designs
    WrzHost1: $299*******.png
    WrzHost2: $299
    Both designs were created for *******, and now available for sale. The client has accepted a third one, a darker design, which they are very happy with So the first two versions are now for sale. Please note that the package boxes are similar, and you'll probably want to make a different package box for WrzHost2.

    Calmskies: $199
    Version 1:
    Version 2:
    You can buy them together for $199, and use whatever version you want.

    NaviHost: $299

    OpenHost: $199

    Relatively Older Designs

    PurpleHost: $199

    RuleHost: $199

    WebVPS: $99

    Oldest Designs

    HostDomain: $99

    HostBaff: $49
    This is a really old design from my newbie times.

    Incomplete Designs
    Following designs have been started, but ended up undeveloped. Only headers are there. So I'm lettimg them go for $19 per piece.
    These can be converted to real designs by another designer.

    Don't forget that all designs come with layered PSD files only. No coding, no modifications included in the price.

    However, the designs that are at or over $199 can be modified/coded at my regular price, which adds another $200 to their prices, making them regular design sales, not clearance. In this case, the designs come with PSDs, valid XHTML and CSS coding for homepage and subpage, and one month of free aftersale support.

    I'm open to offers, or discounted bulk pricing. Don't hesitate to ask for a different pricing if you are interested.

    I'm currently not available for new designs, unless it's a $1000 design, in which case I can dump my current work. Such as:

    Forumsunucu: $1099

    This design will be delivered fully coded, with all PSD files. All images and text headers will be translated to English. The package includes SMF forum theme integration, I can also make WHMCS integration for free. Please note that in about a week I'll open another sticky thread for this design, it will be fully translated to English by then, but the price will be $1400 non-negotiable. So if you are interested now, don't wait for another week.

    You can contact me via PM, this thread, email, or MSN. Thank you all for reading this
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    HarzemDesign - Highest quality, well designed and carefully coded hosting designs. Not cheap though.
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    Good Designs! best of luck with your sales.

    Well worth the money and amazing designer.

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