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    need review & advice on

    i had client who want me to get him some servers from

    based on really cheap i920 prices i never seen any thing match this

    iam satisfied client at webnx and have around 4 servers with them but in this time of business every one trying to save cache

    any one had any experience with

    please by all means feel free to comment


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    I've also been looking at it, anyone using it?

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    any one? the company whois information is from 2004 no one had any experiance with it?

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    I have not heard of them. It seems no reviews available here also. Only hope is some direct customers with them. Best of luck.

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    Its a Hetzner reseller. Thats all I could dig out.

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    is this what we are talking about ? as i its based on south Africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by amravit View Post

    is this what we are talking about ? as i its based on south Africa
    Yup, this company, but they have a datacenter in Germany and this host is located there.

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    the prices seems too good to be true and network is excellent from egypt hummmm
    whats the trick .

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    Look closely

    I know this is an old thread but here goes. If you look closely at the specs, you will see that they only offer 99% uptime guarantee. This is far too low for any serious business level hosting. We offer our web design clients enterprise level hosting and 99% means that their web site would be offline for 3.5 full days per year or nearly one third of a day per month.

    Most other hosts offer 99.5% or 99.9% if you do the math correctly 99.9% has 10 time less down time at only .35 days of down time per year.

    If hertzner or senapi changed that to 99.9 and delivered even close to that I would move all my servers to them. Since their price is good.

    I tried softlayer and and both give me reliability.

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    terrible customer support when things go wrong they don't answer emails or phone calls - pay a bit more and get a better service

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