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    simple yet interesting question / cpanel moving accounts

    i have a dedicated server. Centos 5.3 /Cpanel
    2 reseller accounts on it: acc1 and acc2.
    acc1 has ns1.domain.tld and nameservers set up
    acc2 has ns3.domain.tld and nameservers set up

    now i want to move an account (customer.tld) from acc2 to acc1 without downtime.
    how can i do this provided i can not have customer.tld both on acc1 and acc2 on the same server?

    here's what i did:
    1. changed customer.tld nameservers to have ns1.domain.tld, ns2.domain.tld, ns3.domain.tld, ns4.domain.tld then waited for 48 hours for the changes to propagate

    2. changed the customer.tld owner in WHM from acc2 to acc1

    3. changed the cpanel package from acc2_package ti acc1_package

    4. changed the IP in WHM for the account from ns3 IP to ns1 IP

    5. changed the DNS entries in WHM ns3 changed to ns1 on all instances found there

    but i still have a downtime period now. everything looks fine in httpd.conf thou
    can anyone help me with some suggestions?


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    Use "dig +trace" command to check if the DNS is correct.

    dig +trace domain.tld ; this will have no delay since it is querying the root severs.

    If it doesn't show the correct IP, then you have either a configuration issue or you haven't updated the domain name registrar with the new nameservers. Check whichever applies.

    Pass me the domain name if you want me to check.

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    Move the sites to the new server and setup the namservers on the new IPs. The update the IPs in the DNS zones on the old server to point sites to the new while your DNS server IPs update. I use sed to do this myself..

    sed -i 's/OLDIP/NEWIP/g' *.db

    If you run that in your /var/named it will update all instances of IPs in all the DNS zone files. So if all the sites are not being moved, replace * with the actual filenames.
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    @jphilipson: this doesn't apply since both resellers are on the same machine.
    @whrss: thanks for the tip

    but would it work if i did this:

    - change all accounts owner to acc1 and packages to acc1
    - change all instances of OLDIP to NEWIP in the DNS zones

    delete the reseller acc2

    3. change the nameservers in WHM for acc1 to ns1, ns2,ns3,ns4 and their respective IPs.

    this way it doesn't matter if clients domains are with ns1/ns2 or ns3/ns4.
    is this correct?

    will this also involve some downtime for propagation reasons at root server?

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    i think i didn't make myself clear when i started this topic, sorry about that.

    i have this server with 2 reseller accounts on it. i own both of them.
    reseller1 has about 450 accounts on it and reseller2 has about 100 accounts.

    it is not about a domain name but 100. and i want to get rid of one reseller, it just annoys me.

    as a side note: i set up this server like this from the beginning because i transferred from 2 reseller accounts i had before going dedicated...

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