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    * Question About VPS ?

    Suppose I have 2 hard disk in my server.
    If I divide this server into 2 virtual servers.
    (1 vps on each harddisk)

    Will this setting of server handle more websites
    comparing to server with only one OS?

    And which one do you think has better performance?

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    A server with 2 OS will handle the same amount of websites as the same server with one OS. In fact, the server with one non-virtualized OS will have better performance than the virtualized server.

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    You'll get more diskspace out of that configuration, however any performance improvements will be negligible. You're essentially doubling your overhead by running two seperate operating systems in addition to the overhead by the VPS software itself.

    If your prime concern is doing the most with one physical server insofar as standard hosting, I'd stick with a traditional non-virtualized setup.

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    Thank you so much Guys ^^

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    At first I am talking about Server with 1 cpu such as dell poweredge r200.
    How about Server with 2 CPUS such as Proliant DL160 G5?

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    The same thing still applies.

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    OK Thank You for the info Good Job Guys ^^

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