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  1. #1 - Free Listing For Colocation Providers is #1 Ranked in Google for the term "Colocation Deals".

    Pricing used to be $29 one time, however we are currently offering a free listing for Datacenter Providers, and Colocation Providers to list your current deals and specials.

    About Our Site:

    * People looking for good deals on colocation hit the site on a daily basis.
    * We have a very targeted Niche * Just colocation *
    * We don't charge for the listing.
    * We do charge a recurring fee if we place people with your datacenter.

    Feel free to come sign up today to list your specials and we will get your colocation deal up asap! Providers click the link below to sign up for free now.

    Colocation Deals

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    5 listings so far. Keep em coming.

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    6 listings now

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    8 listings now

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    17 listings....

    We also just launched our ad network, so now your colocation deals can be seen on our network of sites with 30,000 uniques monthly and growing.

    Sign up as a provider and then submit your colocation ad. for FREE!

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