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    Whmcs wont create account cpanel

    I have this problem today after a fresh install...

    I think its maybe i havent dont it proper im not sure..

    But a client joined today and i have new account created auto after payment and well it says in the whmcs the user has an login and password but when i tried to login with it it said login failed

    Also it trys to login to whm not cpanel with the account, even tho its set up as shared hosting in products...

    the login link is : ( i removed name for security)

    Could someone tell me where i am going wrong please.

    Thank you

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    Is it still pending under "Pending Orders"?

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    it was yes, but i activated it.
    nothing shows in whm either off a account added

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    I believe i have this sorted now. whmcs was not allowing it and causing error because of unlimited in ftp accounts etc

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    Simply enter package name only and it will be created with specified package. No need to enter disk space bandwidth etc..

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