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Thread: My RackShack!

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    My RackShack!

    Hey guys,
    Haven’t posed much on ere again lately, been busy with one thing or the next.

    I really just wanted to give a small plug for our server company, RackShack. They, like us have good and bad reviews on their services, although I would like to think that there positive reviews strongly out weigh the negatives ones.

    We have just purchased another 3 servers with them over the last few weeks to add to our already large collection. This was just after the time where there was a “Rackshack Server Drought” Personally I though that with the sudden rushes of servers coming though, IP allocation, new server specs and what not there would be a few problems with at least 1 of the servers.

    I was pleasantly surprised, with a few days we had all 3 servers up and running with our name servers, setup etc. ready for use for you guys.

    Support, not that it is needed much from us, but from the few tickets we have had with them we have an excellent response times, the longest I believe is around 45 minutes.

    On the odd occasion that we need a server rebooted the average “reboot time is less that 10 minutes”

    As you can probably tell, I have a little time on my hands this evening so I thought I would share my happy times with my server company with you people.

    Congratulations Robert, keep doing what your doing.

    Take care,
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    Good review...but when were the times you asked for the reboots (is in time of day)? What if one of us wanted a reboot at 1 A.M.? Could they do it in a very short amount of time? I'm not really directing these questions towards you, maybe others know.
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    Glad to hear

    I, myself have a RackShack server and enjoy it thoroughly. When network problems arise they are fixed in a very reasonable duration of time. Their support has been good as well. So far I have had no problems with their service

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    Im another rackshack user, got several servers with them, and cannot complain. Another thumbs up.
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    All in all I'm happy with them as well. Hearing the horror stories at first scared me but I haven't really had any problems with them to speak of except for a 30 minute reboot time yesterday. That was a little tense. I'd recommend them

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    I too will vouch for RackShack.

    The other night I had a server decided to lock up @ 3:50AM.

    Less than 5 minutes after I'd filled out the ticket it was back online.
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