You can now fight the ongoing recession by cutting your support costs and hire the most qualified and experienced system administrators who will take complete care of your companies support options.

ThinkSupport annouces an unbelievable 30% flat discount with our Level3 Dedicated system administrators who are all charged and ready to take control of your business support ! Which means you can now hire our dedicated techs only for $1180 per tech per month, who are usually available for $1600 / month (without discount). Thus, you save $480 with every tech per month!!

Dedicated support offer:
With our unbelievable discount of 30% on our level3 Dedicated Support plans as listed in our website, ThinkSupport offers the most qualified and professional Dedicated Tech system administrators. The level of experience that our each tech carries is unbeatable and hence promise a guaranteed support that no other outsourced firm can offer..

Few days ago our announcement came with the availability of the techs we had.. We are glad to re-announce that we have few more techs available this time....
We have the DEDICATED techs available on per shift basis and hence thought of announcing in public so that; those people who are desperately waiting to fight the ongoing recession crisis by cuting their support costs; can grab this opportunity and still have complete peace of mind.

Dedicated Techs are available in the following shifts :
Shift 1) 20.30 PST - 4.30hrs PST
Shift 2) 4.30hrs PST - 12.30 hrs PST
Shift 3) 12.30hrs PST - 20.30hrs PST

All the techs are certified techs and we can provide you with their respective certification number for reference on request.

Our techs have a very good experience (min 2 years in case of level 2 tech and maximum 5 years in case of level3 tech) on both Linux and Windows hosting platform and all the major control panels such as whm/cpanel, Plesk, Directadmin, Helm, Hsphere, Ensim, Virtuozzo etc..

All our dedicated techs have excellent English communication skills, which make ThinkSupport as one of the most popular outsourcing companies who has already overcome the language barrier. You can chat with them live to get a brief idea about their grammatical and written communication skills. Each tech works for 8 hours a day - 6 days a week. The weekly off for the dedicated tech can be arranged as per your business off peak days.

Level3 Caliber Dedicated Tech:
With a rock solid experience of more than 4 years, our level3 dedicated tech is capable of resolving almost any technical issue that can be done by anyone on this globe REMOTELY. A fantastic track record, valid certification, and the best experience makes our level3 engineer to work with more output and support skills as compared to other companies and remote free-lancers. A ThinkSupport Level3 dedicated tech has a vast experience of working on almost all major OS's, control panels and technologies including Centos, Fedora, Redhat, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008, Whm/Cpanel, Plesk, Hsphere, DirectAdmin, Helm, Ensim, HostingController, Webmin, ffmpeg, etc.
Having a complete knowledge of Level 1, Level 2 and Level3 issues, task managed by our dedicated level3 engineer include almost everything such as compiling different applications like third party applications, kernel installation and upgrades, controlling dos attack and spamming issues on the server, troubleshooting failed services, restoring drives and servers etc.
Few technical examples – Fixing spamming and dos issues, installing and upgrading kernel from source, grsec patches, securing server with the help of third party scripts, load management etc. In short all mom and pop issues related to server.

You can interview the tech before deciding to go live with him and later have direct access to his personal IM to stay in touch during the entire shift. The number of above techs is subject to availability and will be assigned to companies who sign up with us on first come first serve basis.

Anyone has any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us via email at sales [@]

Note: Please note that the live chat options offered on our website are strictly for sales support and hence it is possible that, they may be in away mode at some part of the day.
You can reach us via email anytime at sales [@] and we will get back to you within 5 hours.