We are doing completely custom managed servers hosted out of Spectrum House (Rapidswitch's New Facility), in Maidenhead in the UK.

If you are looking for a cheap/no-frills dedi provider we are NOT for you. All servers are built to order specifically for you, and therefore we do require 3/6 month payments upfront, OR an initial setup fee.

Included with all servers:

- BRAND NEW (When we say custom, we mean it!) 100% Brand name hardware
- 3000GB Monthly Bandwidth
- Upto 64 IP Addresses with custom RDNS
- 24x7x365 Monitoring. If it goes down we will know about it
- Free Reboots
- 1 free intervention per month (OS Reload / KVM)
- Custom Partitioning / Wide choice of OS
- Free Management if you choose supported software i.e. cPanel/WHM or Xen
- 99.9% SLA on Power & Network

Test IP:

Due to Price/Performance ratio, we currently are focusing more towards Quadcore systems as they offer the most "Bang for Buck". However we are happy to do anything from dualcores to dual quadcore systems.

We generally build systems in-house but depending on what you need we also use Dell machines. In-house systems are based around Intel mainboards, Western Digital hard disks, Crucial RAM + Seasonic PSU's, all of which have proven to be exceptionally reliable.

Interested? Please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to sort something out for you.