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    This is the worst host ever, no communication at all, in three months he wiped out all my data TWICE!! with no warning and had no intention of moving me to another server, he just abandon the server with me on it, TWICE IN THREE MONTHS, I would suggest never hosting with ever unless you just want to waste time and effort only to get dropped because he does not want to use that server anymore......

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    Please don't act like a loser. You emailed us without your name or domain name. Identify yourself first when you post something. I believe you are the client of our reseller who has phishing or spam account that is suspended by us.

    Anyway, everyone can check following post about this jetsetweb user.
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    I'm copying and pasting jetsetweb's email message:

    06/27/2009 12:33
    **** YOU ****** LOVER
    you ****ed me now its my turn!!! **** YOU
    Master Reseller | cPanel | Webhosting | WHM CPanel |

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    Report the domain name hosted(s) in this thread, or via this link:
    If you have to operate your company behind the scenes or under a fake name, maybe it's time to leave the industry and start something fresh.

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    Thumbs down nice that you have time to post but not to host

    phishing or spamming which one is it, or are you just assuming? I wake up to no service and someone telling me that you are redoing your set up and abandon the reseller account that we were on. quit trying to save face and buck up to your mistake,

    FACT: twice in three months your services went down with no warning and no backups!
    this is what i expect from piss poor service like yours!

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    here since you have soooo much time on your hands try to catch up to all my post
    i have posted your crapy service on every hosting forum from here to china!

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    Verified! Sorry to hear about your experience.


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    Yeh, well what do you expect from someone offering unlimited reseller hosting for $15 a month?

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