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    Adding or deleting accounts manually

    I'm little more than a year old now on this Linux world. I have learned A LOT from you guys in this furum, from my webhosting company ( great support!) and their forum.

    Now i want more!

    Which are the steps to make or delete an entire account manually on a standard Cpanel/WHM machine? I'm not talking about the "got to WHM and click Crate account" thing, I'm talking about the shell.

    I know this one:

    Go to:
    create/delete the respective entries for the domain and restart apache

    I know there are several more steps... bind, exim, pop, MySQL, linux users, ftp, etc.

    Anyone? (complete paths please)

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    easiest thing would be to step through the script / scripts that run after you clcik "Create account".

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