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    Need a vps from far east or eastern european countries

    Friends I need help in buying a VPS server.
    So I need a hosting either from east country or far east (Asia )
    Good price and a trusted server.
    So I need around 30 to 50 gig space , need to send unlimited mass mails to members.
    I use vbulletin licence too.

    So please any good link pass to me.


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    What is your budget? I think there are definitely many options open for you but to find a reliable provider definitely do some research and try the "FIND A HOST" option here on WHT see what kind of offers you get.

    Good luck
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    62 THey have some france, germany, and netherlands options.

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    This will be expensive, at least 70 euros per month, but the price would go even more than 100 euros. Are you going to send emails to forum members only?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler_Husted View Post THey have some france, germany, and netherlands options.
    These countries are all in western Europe.

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