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Thread: Named Security

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    Named Security

    Is this the correct setup?

    DNS Server 1:
    allow-transfer {; Server2; };
    allow-recursion {; Server2; };
    recursion no;

    DNS Server 2:
    allow-transfer {; Server1; };
    allow-recursion {; Server1; };
    recursion no;

    BOTH hosts file:
    order bind,hosts
    nospoof on
    spoofalert on
    multi on

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    It's nice that you have recursion disabled, most people never do that. You might also consider changing the version information to reduce remote fingerprinting of your bind version.

    in options,

    version "REFUSED";

    Not a huge deal, just a little something extra.

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    Your configuration looks fine for me.. If you are looking for more security, install bind-chroot and run 'named' in a chrooted environment.

    But there is a small correction to the hosts file configuration.

    Newer Linux/Unix versions use /etc/nsswitch.conf file as resolver library and not /etc/host.conf file.

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