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    Looking for a server

    Hi, I'm a first time dedicated server buyer, and looking for advice.

    My budget is 60/mo (~100$)
    IRC is an absolute must, I use IRC for community/administration (similar to I also have a personal bouncer.
    I'll also be running a couple of small low traffic websites
    (The above currently fits nicely on my 128MB VPS, it's insignificant)
    The main load will be game servers (source games like Counter Strike, TF2). I'd like to run as many as possible. (But atleast 3)
    Operating system i'm thinking ubuntu server or debian, since i have experience with both.

    As i said I'm a first time dedicated server buyer, I've never really ran game servers outside of the GSP (besides a private server i host at home) so i'm not so sure on the requirements. I'm looking for tips, pitfalls and information before i buy.

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    Take a look at the offer section, there are a number of hosts there that allow IRC and should be with in your budget.

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    I've been looking at kimsufi they seem to be the UK branch of ovh. The prices are good, but i'm not sure what they mean by availability.

    Can anyone tell me what the availability is about?

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    I think you should get in touch with them and if anything they can answer that better then any of us.

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    FDCservers.Net is cool also.

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    I will consider FDCServers as a secondary option, but they really don't seem to compare with kimsufi.

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