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    Looking for a very simple shopping cart

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a very simple shopping cart, similar to the one seen here:

    Does anybody know where I would be able to get one? The website I plan to start will only be selling less than 10 items, so a big program like oscommerce isn't required.



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    Shop you are linked powered by activcart dot com/Features.php
    But that simple solution costs 1500 australian dollars

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    If you are going to use PayPal as a payment option, why don't you use their built-in shopping cart module. It is free and is about as simple as it can get

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    The site you linked to is powered by WHMCS. If you like their cart, then go purchase a license. It's relatively cheap.

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    Yes as the others have said either WHMCS or oscommerce would be a good choice. Both simple and easy to get started with.

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    If you want the Shopping Cart for Hosting - Go with WHMCS
    If you want the Shopping Cart for other things - Go with OSCommerce

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    You can use something like PayPal to build your store.

    There are also some good hosted wizard-based carts out there that make it easy to build a professional full-featured store. Let me kinow if you have any more questions on how to set up shop.

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    In your case, it may also be an option to hire someone to write a custom solution, this seems to be relatively simple.

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    I'll post some shopping carts. Hope they might work for you - CubeCart 3, Agora, Virtue Mart (works with Joomla), ShopCMS (good for Paypal payments), and FoxyCart (Paid). I have used all of them and they are fine.
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    If you are looking for some easy-managed solution, also look into LiteCommerce package. Actually, other then simple solution, what are your additional requirements to the store design and functionality?

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    The easiest shopping cart solution, in my opinion, is the PayPal payment widget =) just copy and paste the widget code and you will be able to process payments.

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