AffordAHost started as SeaSide International in late 2006, things were slow until 2008 when we opened AffordAHost division We then opened vps services and free shared hosting with some of the lowest pricing on the internet, and now are opening dedicated and colocation plans also after being closed for almost a year as we got new servers and proper staff..

Currently AffordAHost has 1 server located at HiVelocity datacenter with 8gb memory, core2quad q9300, 3tb bandwidth, 32 ip's, 3000gb transfer on 100mbit port, Main server running windows 2003, running individual vps's srv2 vps running cPanel for shared and reseller srv3 is shut off but was for HyperVM VPS clients until the security issue recently with HyperVM.

I am looking to upgrade the server to a Dual Nehalem with 16gb ram and 2tb space.. I am looking for a partner who is willing to split the $420 a month that the server is going to cost until we get enough VPS customers and advertisement money per month to cover it, and at the point split any profits that come out of the buisness..

I am looking for someone in US, Canada, or UK who speaks english as their native language. Someone who has knowledge in linux and windows and cPanel/WHM and internet billing such as WHMCS. Web design and php skills would be a plus.

Someone who is 18 years of age or older would be a preference.

Please contact via MSN / Live messenger [email protected]
OR Email [email protected] or visit to view our forums

We are currently working on a new site design thus the current one is somewhat basic. Thank You, Dustin, aahosted, AffordAHost.