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    Need A Good Hosting Company

    Hi, I'm looking for a good reliable hosting company that isn't new (one that has been around for awhile now) and that can offer me the best price for a lot of GB's and bandwidth. I'm starting a new website which will require alot of people to upload there pictures and that will view the website many times. I will also like to hear the offers of some new companys that are out there as well.

    Thank You

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    Since you're just starting a shared account should be fine, however, on gallery sites specially if are popular, you'll get to upgrade to a dedicated server, a shared account offering unlimited or tons of space/bandwidth are going to be useless since they will kick you once your site become popular for abuse of the server resources.
    Get a reasonable package well priced (not with a lot of space/bandwidth) from a reputable company. Going to the biggest plan with the lower price it will only lead to you to overloaded servers.
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    How much bandwidth do you thing you'll need?

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    Im not really sure how much bandwidth iam gonna need because the site will start small iam looking for a decent amount that can last me if i get a couple thousand hits. Then I plan on upgrading. but its a website something like ebay where people buy stuff so the more auctions the are the more space iam gonna need to hold all the information.

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    Reliability is something that everyone is looking for. In a hosting company, preparation is key to reliability. If you're looking for a reliable company, check out their data center where they'll be storing your servers. Do they own their own servers? Do they manage their own? What is their up-time? These questions need to be asked when searching for the host that best suites your needs. I think that you're making a good choice in going with a hosting company that has been around for a while. That also shows how reliable they are and usually shows that they have a good reputation with their clients. Just a tip, check out sites that measure server up-time. That will help indicate who has a good reliability.
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    if you don't know how much bandwidth you will need, get a small shared hosting plan from someone and make sure that you have the option to upgrade when the time comes. and slowly upgrade to a vps and dedicated later on. and since you are just starting out, don't expect your site to be a hit overnight, usually doesn't work out that way

    good luck finding something.

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    What type of script will you be running? gallery, photostore, xpoze, other? Are you doing stock photos for photographers?

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    I would suggest starting with a reputable shared provider such as HostGator (assuming your site falls in line with their Terms of Service which you will have to read top to bottom) and then upgrading/moving as necessary as the site grows.

    No sense in paying for something you don't necessarily need up front.
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    What software do you plan on using? Do you want a Windows or Linux platform?
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    I don't see any specific requirements. there are lot of quality shared hosts around and you can just search for customer reviews to see who's good and who's not. If you have to power any specific CMS or need any customization, you'd better post your requirements.
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    We can't let you "hear offers" from anyone...that breaks forum rules (new or older hosts)
    But you will probably be fine on shared and won't use as much bandwidth as you think if you have good settings on whatever software you are using so people don't upload files at full 8 megapixel resolution (96 DPI is standard for the web--only a graphics professional with the graphics hardware to match could tell the difference beyond that) so the photo files really shouldn't be that large or use that much bandwidth. Most galleries have uploads limits to 1/2GB or less and even a 512MB photo would be BIG, more common would probably be 256 or less and maybe limits in KB instead of MB depending on the gallery.
    So get a host that runs the requirements for the gallery you will be using and provides the level of up-time & support you require and you can grow with them until you get really huge.
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    Xpoze and Photostore use GD to resize images on the fly, saving bandwidth. ;-)

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    I think you would be best to start with a Shared account to see how popular you get. And when you get more popular upgrade to maybe a VPS.
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    You should start with a reliable shared host. You can find a good shared host offers at the shared offer section of this forum matching with your needs. Hope you'll be able to find the best for yourself. When your site would start gaining more traffic then you should look for VPS.
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    Yeah, this pretty much sums up his question without more specifics. - Corp.
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