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    * :: Fully managed servers! :: FREE APC, FREE CPANEL, FREE BACKUPS!, a fully managed server provider has opened it's doors today!
    We are a new Fully Managed service provider in San Jose, California, US.

    To celebrate our launch, we have the following promotions running.
    Sold Out = Sold out!

    Included with all servers: (when selected during the order)
    1.) FREE cPanel/WHM or Plesk!
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    3.) FREE 5GB backup space included!
    4.) FREE Setup!

    And we are running a promotion on the following server configuration:

    - Intel Core2Duo E6400
    - 2048MB DDRII Memory
    - 160GB SATA Hard Drive
    - 1500GB Traffic
    - 100Mbit Connection
    - APC Remote Reboot Port
    - cPanel/WHM or Plesk
    - 10 IP's max.
    - 5GB Backup space
    Price: $99 USD/Month, FREE setup.
    To order this server, Click Here!

    To see a list of all the servers we have available, please see:
    Intel: click here.
    AMD: click here.

    For addons and upgrades pricing, please click here.

    We support the following payment gateways, in a SSL secured environment:
    - PayPal (checkout & subscription)
    - Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express (offline checkout)

    If you want to get more information or if you are looking for a special configuration, please contact: [email protected].

    General network information (CoreISP):
    Providers: Global Crossings, Cogent.
    Test IP:
    Test file:

    Thank you!

    Yours sincerely,

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    Just out of curiosity why are your nameservers .nl/netherlands>?

    << snipped >>

    Was looking at possibly getting a server but nothing adds up, thought maybe you could clarify a bit?

    Thank you in advance for any information.
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    Hello Fullsrv,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    It does totally add up, but I think you missed something
    Let me clarify. is the main company, which also holds the websites and nameservers (In US, UK and NL), the nameservers are not physically located in NL, it's simply the extension.
    The other sites hosted on the server, although not all of the domains you listed are there, are other websites of us and websites of hosting clients over at CoreISP. Simple

    Run a traceroute to, see last hop and then compare the whois info from to if you want to be sure.

    I hope that answered your question.
    Thank you.
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    Thank you for the clarification, it is appreciated,

    is the 10ip address max, set in stone or can we add additional ips?

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    Hi fullsrv,

    no problem!

    No that is not the hard limit. To start with, you will get 3 IP's.
    You can request upto 7 extra IP's free of charge, with valid justification. If you need more IP's after that, it will be charged at $1 USD per IP extra. So 15 IP's in total, for example, will be $5 USD on extra IP's.

    I hope that answered your question

    Yours sincerely,
    Liroy van Hoewijk

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    Does cpanel come with fantastico?

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    Hello m1key,

    no, I am sorry, cPanel does not come with fantastico.

    Thank you
    DedicatedBox Dedicated Servers

    Powered by Corporation

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