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    10 Things You Must Know about Email Marketing Today

    Do you know what they are?
    Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools to reach customers, build brands and motivate purchases. According to a recent MediaPost article, “…email is a great channel for marketing under recessionary pressures: due to the high ROI and immediate, measurable effectiveness of the channel, C-level executives are taking notice and email is gaining exposure and increased importance within organizations.”
    A Forrester report from June 12, 2009 stated, “Email adoption and use by consumers and businesses alike remain strong, with 153 million online adults regularly using email by 2014.”
    At HostingCon 2009, VP of Marketing from Exact Target, Jeff Rohrs, will uncover the 10 things you must know about email marketing today. Attend this session, and you’ll specifically learn:

    • How consumers control the email channel.
    • Why hitting “send” isn’t enough—it’s deliverability and sender reputation that matter today.
    • What the CAN-SPAM law does (and doesn’t do.)
    • How emerging one-to-one media such as SMS, voice, and social media compliment email’s mission.
    • Where your untapped email ROI is lurking.

    Register today to attend this session as well as the 11 other sales and marketing track sessions focused on how to help your company compete and thrive in the changing environment!

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    yay for an Indiana company!

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