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    VPS Server with clients

    We are selling our Virtuozzo server. The reason for the sale is because we are no longer offering Virtuozzo services. This is a no cost offer, under one condition. You must use our provider and take over the entire server, the clients can not be moved. Their are about 6-7 VPS' on the node. Our provider is, and we use the 10mbps Plan 5. Please contact me via MSN at [email protected]


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    I have just add you to msn!
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    hey im interested, let me get this correct your giving it away? this is what im guessng? if not what is the price?

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    I am interested


    I may be interested in this offer. But need to get this straight are you offering just someone to take over a VPS server that has clients on it meaning I would also get clients who pay xx per month or is this to just take over a vps server that you no longer want?

    If their are paying clients involved I can offer some money to compensate

    please let me know
    contact email is [email protected]
    just a programmer

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    Sounds like you are just looking to give away the clients, if the buyer assumes the server payments at $309 / month? What are the client specs and monthly income?
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    I don't understand, why the clients can not be moved if you are giving out the clients? Perhaps the ones that take over the clients have a better and faster server for your clients to stay.

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    He has made the thread so easy from the first sentence.

    "We are selling our Virtuozzo server" - He wants to sell them yes.
    ~ Abby

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    Fully Managed Virtuozzo VPS Hosting

    Yet you're selling your Virtuozzo server? I suppose I'm a bit confused here.
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    This is a no cost offer But you are 'selling' them?

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    I have spoken to him, he is giving the clients and servers away for free, the server costs about $300 a month and the clients income is about $150 i believe he said. This is why it is free, why they can not be moved I am unsure.
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    These clients have been taken.

    Thanks for the interest.
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