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    Problems with Web hosts 1and1


    I'm new to the site because i am having horendous issues with 1and1

    Everytime there is an issue they deny responsibility until we, sorry my IT guy, proves to them that is is their fault.

    My It guy has been in the business for 15 years and has never witnessed as much bad luck as ihave received.

    We are running a site based on windows.

    I first went with HostingUK and they were just useless.

    Moved to 1and 1 with a dedicated server and within 2 days of the site launching it crashed. 1and1 said it was not their fault. My IT guy proved it was a bad sector. It took them 5 days to fix.

    Site went down on Wednesday just past. My IT guy said it was a hardware issue, but 1and1 denied it again. After my IT was getting nowhere, half a day, I had both 1and1 and my IT guy on the phone. He told me to ask them do action something as he could not get access to the server. They said he could, but he could not. They then did something and he could then get access. The error stated a system error with regards to memory. So a hardware fault.

    1and1 moved both hard drives to a new server. Why we asked, not just change the memory.

    Moving the hard drive caused windows to go into protection mode as it thought it was being copied.

    We then had to reimage the drives, with the first attempt failing, so 1and1 had to start the reimage.

    Once this was done and the database restored, my IT guy could not get access. Again 1and1 could not help and after 2 calls one tech guy said it could be that there is a block up. 2 minutes later access was gained.

    He then could not get any further forward as another fault appeared and it is the network card software is not encrypted correctly.

    We are now at a stalemate as 1and1 need to change something for my IT guy to get in the backdoor to do what he needs to do.

    How long should this all take?

    What compensation can i expect to be able to claim as at each stage it has been 1and1 that have been causing the problem.

    Sorry for the long first post but at my wits end as no one at 1and1 is taking ownership and from my experience they are completely useless.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable webhost?
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    According to WHT rules providers cannot make offers here. What I would recommend is using to get quotes from providers and then researching here to make a decision.

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