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    Best up to date book for studying for the A+ exam?

    I've been working with computers forever, but everything is self taught even though I'm highly knowledgeable. However alot of jobs are looking for certs, so I want to start getting certain certs to help me land some jobs since i recently moved to chicago.

    I came across this book although published in 2007:
    Comptia A+ Certification All-in-one Desk Reference for Dummies:

    I want to start with the A+ certification, although i know very little about it or even what the process of getting the certification is like.

    Can anyone recommend a book that will help me pass their current exams and allow me to get their certifications?

    Thank you in advance .

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    That books will do the trick, I have it along with the 2003 version and was also familiar with computers so it helped me in refreshing for the tests.

    Much, much better solution that some of the other A+ books I read on my own and in class and easy to follow without tons of 'dry' reading like a lot of them do.

    I was looking for it for someone else about two months ago and they got it off Amazon for about $25 bucks.

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    There is no "Best Book".

    Go download CertBlaster, you'll find it online, I used it and passed just fine.

    Take the test this year and you should find that will either be all about Windows 98 or Windows XP. Literally no questions as a mix/intermediate.
    Not sure what to put here :-P

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