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    Arabic translation

    I maintain site that is being translated in a five languages. We hired translation agency to do the most of work. The problem is that the site is constantly updated and new content is often time sensitive. Agency we hired (and others we considered) are not quick enough to respond to what we need. They do not really have in-house translators but rather they are working with number of people in different locations and sometimes translations are good and quick, sometimes slow and terrible and sometimes they simply do not happen at all (I do not need translated announcement for some event two days after event is over). Additionally communication with translators is hindred by the fact that we are not paying them directly, but rather paying agency that in turn pays them, so some decisions that should take only seconds to make, take hours or days.

    So, we found local people, two for each language, that can translate and proofread content. We are not paying them fortune, but we are paying something all the time and will keep doing so at least for another year (I'd say this will keep going for many years to come, but as is the case with government funded projects one year is all I can guarantee).

    Anyway, finally getting to the point here, I cannot find Arabic translator that speaks English fluently, understands Internet jargon (I am sure "Click here" can be translated in only few characters rather then entire sentence), have working knowledge of HTML (they will not be coding HTML, my translation app handles that, but I might need some advice as Arabic is, well, different) and can guarantee quick turnaround on translations (few days rather then few weeks). I would need two non-related people, where each could be able to do translation or proofreading so that they can control each other.

    So... if you know someone you worked with, or you are someone who would not mind working with obsessive compulsive guy who requires perfection, do post here. If you are interested consider that I will at some point ask for references. Thanks.

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    You could try a freelance site like to find someone. I think you can specify whether you'll work with agencies or only directly with freelancers.
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