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    Windows 2008 Permissions and Filezilla Server

    I'm running FileZilla Server on Windows Server 2008 Web Edition SP2. Everything works fine but I need to figure out how to make FileZilla set permissions on a file after its uploaded.

    What is happening when I upload a file to the web server using through FileZilla Server the only permissions set on the file are for

    So when I try to access the file through a website I get a 401 - Unauthorized error and I have to go through and manually set the permissions every time on the server.

    I need to find out how to make FileZilla setup the correct permissions on the file for the IIS user. Any help would be appreciated.

    My Sever setup
    IIS 7.0
    Windows Server 2008 Web Edition
    FileZilla Server
    8GB Ram


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    I just solved the problem.

    I had to set the permissions on the master dir and its all working now.

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