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    Using SAS drive, connector/cable question

    if i were to add a 15k SAS drive in a home pc,what cables do i need ?

    i have only SATA ports on my SATA and SAS compatible with each other ?

    or do i have to get a dedicated SAS controller.I do have an extra pcie-16 and pci slot on my mainboard.


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    yes, you would need a SAS controller to be able to run a SAS drive in the pc. I would suggest something like an adaptec 2405, they are great controllers for around $200. It will do 4 drives internally in raid0, raid1, or raid 10 configurations. You can run SAS or SATA drives with it. You would need a SFF-8087 breakout cable to go with it. I would suggest something like this one ACK-I-mSASx4-SAS4x1-FO-1M which is an adaptec part number. There is a couple different options on the breakout cables. I'm sure some other folks here could suggest them as well. But this would at least give you an idea as to cost.

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