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    Windows VPS Reseller Sale At UltimaHosts

    Purchase 5 x any VPS product from UltimaHosts and receive a 50% reseller discount:

    For example 5 x Virtuozzo 4.x Windows VPS for $29 each less 50% discount:

    $72.50 or $14.50 each.

    for more plan details please visit the following link:

    once you reach a critical mass your own virtualized dedicated server can be the next step. Move all your VPS's hosted on Ultima's servers onto your own dedicated server for greater scalability and cost saving. Virtualized Dedicated Server Example:

    Windows 2008 DataCenter Edition with Hyper-V (unlimited VPS OS)
    Dual Quad Core CPU
    16 GB RAM
    6 x 1 TB SATAII HDD
    Raid 0,1,5 or 10
    2000 GB transfer

    $599 per month
    $99 setup

    Above server has the capacity to sustain up to 30 MS Virtual Servers and 50 VZ VPS.

    Add Virtuozzo 20 VM license: $120
    Add Virtuozzo 40 VM license: $140

    Add full management for $200 per month

    For further please contact us via our sales link:
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