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    separate DNS server for white label hosting?

    I'm evaluating several white label hosting plans to choose one to resell under a new private label.

    None of them seems ideal, and though I want to enter a business relationship with the expectation of success, I also want to be prepared for problems.

    At some point in the future I *may* want to move client accounts from the white label partner to another, or perhaps even to my own servers.

    In anticipation of this possibility, I'm considering running my own DNS servers, rather than using the hosting company's DNS. That way, I could migrate client accounts, and then switch the DNS *without* needing access to each clients domain registration.

    Does that seem like a sensible precaution?

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    If you are going to be offering reseller hosting and want to offer complete anonymity to your clients then it definitely is a good idea to get a while label domain and setup the dns on your server accordingly. At the end of the day it all comes down to your preference.

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    You can run private DNS even when using white-label-reseller accounts. All you need to do is have the provider set up the setting in the Reseller Center for your account and then set up ns1 and ns2 at your domain registrar and point them to the IPs used for nameservers at your provider.

    It's fairly common practice and is generally referred to as "Private Nameservers" and requires no additional cash outlay or service.
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    I you just want white-label DNS, if the customer doesn't need a control, and you just need vanity name servers, DNSMadeEasy is a great choice. Cheap annual pricing, very reliable.
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