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    I3d make very bad things.

    The situation is: we have new invoices but on all of them the term period is from 09/07/2009 till 09/08/2009Everything has been paid before 09/07/2009 but the servers don’t work and they won’t until we pay the new invoices. Is it right to do so?

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    Have you tried contacting their Accounting/Billing department? Only they can fix this issue for you.

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    As Jason said it is batter to contact their billing department and try to resolve your issue. You have the right to ask them why your servers are not accessible, as a paying customer. Was there any issues other than billing?

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    Jason_Slominski, we’ve tried. They said they won’t switch on until we pay. Now everything’s paid till today but the servers don’t work.

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    If a provider can not explain to you why this is, or when you are unhappy about the policies they have, you should look for another provider. While this may sound harsh this is the way it works.

    Of course a company can not refuse your services if you payed for it already; but i have the feeling there is a bit more to it, maybe you should tell us what really did happen to give you a better reply.

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    I agree with 040Hosting. There must be more to the story. Regardless, I would be on the phone with the company and request to speak to a supervisor.
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    There is no*more issue there, we have paid the invoice for the current period but the servers don't work yet.

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