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    what is the best solutions to make a site as youtube on more than server ?

    please how can you see best solutions to make a site as youtube on more than server ?
    i have site of a 5 GB data base and the size of 400 GB files what is the best solution is to put on the Server
    please i need your help

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    Depending on how the application is developed the best way to set this up would be using load balancing or clustering where requests will be routed to multiple servers based on the service load etc.

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    thank you jason

    thanks , but have you more details please? about will we use one server to database & the other one to the files
    or how can i do?

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    You could have separate web and mysql servers for the purpose. And connect them locally via internal IPs. You can configure the main server as web server and configure remote mysql such that mysql queries will be executed on the other machine.

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    Find a host who can provide you a LAN and WAN n/w's (2 NICs).

    1) Host your sites in one server.

    2) Place the DBs in another.

    3) The DB server and the webserver should be able to communicate. I prefer LAN for accessing your DB server from webserver since latency will be minimal.

    4) If you are running any control panel's you will be able to configure Remote database server from there itself.

    5) If you don't have one, then set the DB host's IP address in your codes.

    6) If you need an additional load balancing setup, you can configure software load balancers or a hardware LB if your datacenter offers one.

    I can provide more details on load balancing techniques if you can provide me more details like:

    1) OS

    2) No: of Web users.

    3) No: of DB users.

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    thanks a lot for all, thank you very much,
    but now i have problem that data center didn't support load balance
    if there is software load balance it will be good
    I'll check OS & number of web users and data base users
    I'll be back soon

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    Dear, you asked about OS it.s centOS 4.7
    Number of web users you mean allowed connections fore mint?
    Data base users 1 or 2 users fore each DB
    thank you

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    Also processor must be quadcore.

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    I meant the no: of http connections during peak hours; get the o/p of the command "netstat -apn | grep :80 |wc -l"

    If the DB access is less you can avoid LB for DB, thereby avoiding unnecessary data sync time (since DBs are dynamic, it take a lot of time to sync).

    For load balancing, I would recommend the Linux HA project. Get more details from ""

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