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Thread: FFmpeg on IIS

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    FFmpeg on IIS

    Hi,we are building a video streaming site in .net 3.5. I wondering how we would go about installing FFmpeg on IIS. Is it as simple as copying the exe to a directory, or do we have to install and configure it in a similar way to apache/php.

    How much resources could we expect FFmpeg to chew up using h264 codec. How big a processer would we need to run it? How many users would have to be encoding before it started to slow the server down?

    If it is very processor heavy a possible solution could be a placing FFmpeg into an java web start app so it can be done on the client. Another approach would be to purchase a shared hosting account just to run the encoding.

    Any guidance would really be appreciated.



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    Cam, I'm not familiar with Windows but check out the tutorial at

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    If you want a simple way to use FFMPEG on Windows and IIS just download ffMpeg.exe using below link. Choose the “i386″ pltform when selecting the file. The file uses “.7z” extension which is a valid zip format on Windows. You need to install 7-Zip software to unzip the package.

    Download ffmpeg.exe from

    Download 7-Zip Package

    Store it in a local folder C:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe. Assign necessary permissions for IIS to access this directory (On windows 2003 it is IIS_WPG user). Next use this path to configure whichever application you are using.

    Other Related Links

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