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    Video Hosting

    Hello, have to report I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to some of the hosting aspects so I was excited to see all the smart people involved here.

    I am working on a project that will involve a LOT of video. The primary material will be hosted on an Learning Management System (LMS) but the video components of it I believe are going to have to be hosted externally from the main elearning material on that LMS and be streamed in. The video content is excessive. I'm figuring close to 1000GB of monthly bandwidth for the video streaming alone. Am i correct in assuming that most typical low cost hosts forbid heavy video streaming from their services and that I would be best served by paying for a service specific for video hosting and a dedicated server? what are some of the better options when it comes to that?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Actually there are a lot of shared web hosting services which offer that kind of streaming, but you said you wanted a lot of videos and if you need a lot you need to have a dedicated server for that.
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    You can use any regular shared account to host your site and something like Amazon S3 for your videos,, that will make you save money and not take care of a dedicated server.
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    Big projects of video streaming can not be handled on shared hosting. Copyrights issues can also be faced.
    I suggest to opt for any data transfer site or dedicated server according to your requirements.

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    Thanks for the recomendations. My client currently uses a shared hosting solution which isn't going to work for the long term. I'm researching a new web host that offers the particular LMS (learning management system) that we want to use and a good bit of bandwidth and upload speed capability. All the video content for the elearning material is custom shot stuff so no copywright issues there.

    By August next year I expect to have to support close to 1000 individual video streams at any one moment. It will probably be a bit lower than that number the the possibility is there for that man sim streams. Is Amazon S3 still an option when dealing with this much video? I do understand that Amazon S3 doesn't truly stream the media (just progressive download) but would it still work?

    Thanks again.

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    Dear sci72,

    regarding your request, are you looking for the hosting provider to manage the LMS?

    IMHO, you should go for a dedicated server or at least a dedicated VPS connected to a SAN with fiberchannel or iscsi.

    Bandwidth will not be your issue but mainly latency i.e. response time for your end users as well as availability of the data i.e. back-up, storage.

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    It may be worthwhile to get a dedicated server sci.

    If Amazon did, indeed stream, you'd have to do the math on price per gig, for the cost.

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    You could actually start with a vps, a lot of providers have packages with 1000gb of bandwidth. Just make sure for streaming that you are on a 100Mbit port. - Looking for HOT deals on cloud hosting services? We post 5 of the hottest deals every day! -> Click Here <-

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