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    Domain problems, sometimes

    A few weeks ago, my VPS host had problems that caused a lot of downtime. They offered some temporary webspace so that I could add a message for my customers.

    To take advantage of this, I had to change the A records for my domain. Once the issue was resolved I changed them back, but I'm still occasionally directed to the temporary address although my domain works properly most of the time. Rebooting my computer normally fixes the problem.

    I've checked the domain on intodns and it all looks good, normally the A records are pointing at the correct IP and nameservers are all working. With only this warning:

    "Your SOA EXPIRE number is: 3600000. That is NOT OK"

    Strange because that's just the default setting in WHM.

    But after checking it again, they are pointing to the teporary IP. Very annoying because surely once I've changed it back, it should stay!

    Do you think that the SOA expire could cause this delay? I'd have thought that once it has updated that's it but it seems not. Is it worth changing to SOA expire?

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    update: I've checked in the DNS settings in WHM and the A Records are all correct. Also checked the files within /var/named on each Nameserver but the IP has changed. I'm confused about what could be changing it back to the temp IP.

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    I think this is ok now, I've set all of the servers in my cluster to Standalone and it's working as a temporary measure. I'll start setting them back to synchronise one at a time to see if I can find out which one is causing the problem

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