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    Hello & some questions


    Im browsing the forum trying to learn about buying domain names.

    I want to ask some questions.

    Being new to buying domains, if for example I wanted to buy (as a practical example), but its already been taken, would the person that owns this domain consider selling it, and what would be a reasonable price to offer? or is it too profitable from the ads? What kind of revenue do these ad domains make?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinter286 View Post
    would the person that owns this domain consider selling it
    I guess this is a question that only THAT particular person can answer. But from my understanding of how things work in life, MOST people would sell MOST stuff for the right price. (Some people think that "everything has a price", but that is just not true.)
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    Thanks nameslave

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    I suppose each such case is unique and to make sure if actual owner would like to sell that domain name you need to contact him or her to make sure

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    the best way is yes contact him

    However, if, as in your example, the person is selling furnitures for garden (UK based) and the domain is already real well known... I am not sure he will sell it if he still wants to be in the business...

    Or... even if he will sell it when the domain name has been so well known and famous... I am sure it will be at the right price the domain deserves... which is surely costly ...

    But this is just an opinion as i m trying to think how he may think
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    Hi Natalia,

    the domain is parked with advertising, with 104 active users when I last checked, so I think your right, its gonna be costly. do I ask him how much he will sell the domain for, or should I make him an offer?

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    you can make an offer to him, while asking him if yes what price is he willing to sell it at.. according to me making an offer to him, before speaking to him about your interest in acquiring the domain name, is not the best practice..

    I'd suggest you get in touch with the owner first..

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    Thankyou vMOT

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