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    Ddos Protection without server move | GRE or HTTP Proxying

    We are now offering ddos mitigation via proxy and tunnel for those who cannot or do not want to move from their servers. We can setup a GRE tunnel or proxy via HTTP. If you have a forum or other php/mysql site in which you need all visitors to come in on their own ip both options can be setup to allow that.

    Protection methods are transparent, click page or captcha page. It depends on what type of attack you have going on in order to determine what is needed.

    The difference between GRE and HTTP Proxying:

    GRE is a tunnel in which we can route the ip to your server and bind it to work as if it was one of your own ip. With transparent protection on GRE you will receive about 98-99% filtered traffic, for the things that may get bu we will install and configure your server to handle everything efficiently. With click and captcha no further server configuration beyond the tunnel setup is needed.

    With HTTP proxying you get 100% filtered traffic to your server even with transparent protection.. We handle all network and server level protection. This is ideal for those with VPS, smaller servers or ones that require accurate stats for legit users. With this method no garbage traffic gets by.

    Affordable Pricing

    Our prices for this service is some of the most affordable on the net. There are no huge deposits either. We will match and beat any competitors pricing by up to 20%.

    24/7 Emergency Support

    There is always someone to help you in our support portal. If you have an emergency or urgent matter we are available any time via phone or text message and will come online right away to help.

    Our Proxying Plans -

    Our Site -

    Contact us for inquiries and consultations -
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