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    Hypothetically...What if a registrar goes belly up & just shuts down.

    I was just curious if a registrar just goes belly up and just shuts down what would happen. Since a confirmation/approval has to be made from your original registrar, would you still be able to transfer your domain to another registrar?

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    If any registrar goes out of business or gets de-accredited from ICANN. other registrar would take over the entire product portfolio of that de-accredited registrar.

    like take the case of estdomain, when it got de-accredited.all domains of estdomains were automatically transferred to Directi.

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    Same thing happened with registerfly recently.

    Well, ICANN maintains data for registrant. And about transfer, the losing registrar need to cancel if they do not want to transfer. They need not to approve. It's automatic approval. But according to me, during the transition period, no transfer is allowed (Not sure about this).

    Do you have any domain with any such registrar?

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    I had a reseller account at estdomains which was automatically transferred to resellerclub.

    If you are curious to know the exact process; read their blog:

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    Good to know, just in case. I have my domain under a different registrar (GoDaddy) than the hosting company (HostGator). I know I can recover if HostGator just went belly up, but I wasn't sure about recovering the ownership of my actually domain name. Now I know.

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