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    * One time job - configuring and deploying rsnapshot

    I have a backup server with 4 partitions. Ideally one for each system. What I need done is rsnapshot configured to PULL the backups from each of the 4 servers at different intervals.

    The servers being backed up will have 3 folders to backup. One is cpanel generated backup which is basically just cpanel, httpd, and named config files. The others are /home and /var/lib/mysql. Each box will use about 50-200 gb.

    The backups need to be completely incremental. This needs to be setup where only the backup server can login to the target servers, the target servers should not be able to log right in the backup server so there needs to be no keys to that effect.

    I need a reputable and established company or individual for this. I will be giving access to 5 servers and I do not need no funny business going on. SO if you do not have a web site and good reputation don't apply.

    I will pay $75 for this job as it is basically just configuration edits, all needed software is already installed. If this is not enough and you can justify to me the reason for an increased price I will take it into consideration.

    If the selected individual or company does a good job at this I will need you from time to time for script development and other one time jobs.

    Just pm me on here and tell me your name, website and any other information you think is relevant. I need this done today if possible. I will pay as soon as job is completed and verified. You can search or ask around, I have never and will never stiff no one on work, I have ended up getting ripped so many times in the past I will only pay for finished work so I hope that is understandable.

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