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Thread: Bandwidth?

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    What is the good bandwidth?

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    Well, that depends on what you'll need it for as well as the traffic volume.

    Are you looking for this based on a shared plan or a dedicated server? What type of sites/applications do you intend to run?

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    Do you mean connection speed or what? Actually every web hosting service provider has network providers, the places they buy the traffic from.
    And they can give diffrent quality.
    If there anyway to specify that would be really great

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    That good bandwidth is the bandwidth that is fast and cheap. That's the good bandwidth.
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    Are you taking about bandwidth speed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by holhostcom View Post
    Unlimited bandwidth is the best
    I would disagree. It is not possible to provide unlimited bandwidth with any hosting, be it shared hosting, VPS, reseller or dedicated, unless the hosting company is an ISP themselves (but that would cost a lot).

    Generally, "unlimited" bandwidth is put there as a marketing thing. Shared hosts will still suspend your site if they use too much bandwidth. What's the point in unlimited, then?

    Better to go for a honest hosting company that doesnt provide you with unlimited bandwidth or disk space.

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    How much bandwidth you needs its generally depends on your website. It if you have a lot of big files on it, like audio files and video files obviously you will require a more bandwidth.
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    Of course bandwidth depends upon website nature and its number of visitors.

    Its better to opt a small plan if you are starting a new project and move towards higher gradually calculating average bandwidth, so you can manage your expenses easily.

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    Actually i am going to host new website. So that the way I am asking which band width is good? Higher or lower.

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    Buy high, use low. With a new web site, you can normally start with the lowest, and upgrade plans from there.
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    Thank you dear

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    You will probably not need nearly as much bandwidth as you think, The thing is to get a host on a good provider, Like in anything else there are "cheap" fiber optic bandwidth providers, middle ones and top end ones and the better the quality of the network the higher the cost to the datacenter/host.

    As far as what "amount" you need the example I always use is a client with 4 sites, one is e-commerce (several orders a day) the other a forum with 1,500 registered users and a max. online at one time close to 800 but busy every day and then his personal service business web site for local traffic and a photo gallery to go with his forums where users can create their own galleries and upload their own photos... all that going on every month and he averages less than 5GB a month (he has yet to break 5) so the huge numbers re a myth for most people... I have another customer who does computer animation graphics and regularly uploads BIG graphics files for his customer's review, they download them, talk changes, he re-uploads the new version & the process continues until he delivers the final project. All that transfer (in and out-up & down) counts as bandwidth and even then he only averages about 30-40 GB (and these are huge video graphics files being uploaded & downloaded a lot of times plus his web site BW with lots of samples of his work people can watch)

    So you probably won't need the huge numbers some host advertise. That's why they can advertise huge amounts for small money-they know you won't use it.
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