Talk'n'Tickets provides outsourced phone and ticket support for web hosts.

We can provide technical support and/or sales support to your customers.

Our technical support plans are described below. For more information on our sales support plan range, please refer to our website at:

Technical Support Prices

Check out our low prices for 24/7 outsourced technical support:
  • Up to 50 calls/tickets: US$99/month
  • Up to 100 calls/tickets: US$199/month
  • Up to 250 calls/tickets: US$499/month
  • Up to 500 calls/tickets: US$749/month
  • Up to 1000 calls/tickets: US$1449/month
  • Up to 1500 calls/tickets: US$1999/month

Included in our technical support plans:
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Both phone and ticket support
  • Support for unlimited servers
  • Support for unlimited domains
  • Turnkey phone infrastructure
  • Any mix of calls and tickets up to the combined limit mentioned above

Phone Support Features
  • 24 hours, 6 days
    We will attend to your customers' phone queries from 6am Monday until 6am Sunday (GMT+8:00). Although phone support is not provided on Sundays and Christmas Day (GMT+8:00), our ticket support team provide support every day of the year and so we are continuously available to assist your customers.
  • Level 1 technical support
    Our phone support team are able to provide your customers with immediate answers to many questions including assistance with login difficulties, mail software settings, control panel issues, domain name registration problems and more.
  • Ticket escalation
    For technical issues requiring further investigation (and/or beyond the scope of Level 1 Technical Support), our phone support staff will log in to your ticket system and open a ticket on behalf of the customer.
  • Message service for sales and billing issues
    When one of your customers calls us about a sales or billing issue, we will invite them to leave a message and pass that message on to your sales/billing department.
  • Minimal accent
    Our phone support technicians are based in the Philippines and speak fluent English with minimal accent.
  • Huge range of phone numbers supported
    We will provide you with a phone number which your customers can call for technical support. You can choose the area code - most US area codes are available. Many UK and Australian area codes are available too. Numbers are available in some other countries as well.
  • Turnkey solution - no equipment required
    You do not need to purchase any telephone equipment and do not need to pay any telephone bills. Our price is all-inclusive and there are no hidden charges.

Ticket Support Features
  • 24 hours, 7 days
    We will attend to your tickets around the clock every day of the year.
  • Certified engineers guaranteed
    All staff attending to tickets will be either Red Hat certified (RHCEs) or Microsoft certified (MCSEs/MCSAs).
  • Same technicians daily
    We understand that your company policies and procedures are important and need to be adhered to. For that reason, your online tickets will be handled by a small and stable team of technicians.
  • Under 30-minute response time, under 4-hour resolution
    We will use the best of our endeavors to respond to at least 90% of tickets within 30 minutes and to provide a more detailed response within 4 hours.
  • Interact with your assigned team via email
    You will be able to contact your assigned team directly via email at any time.
  • Customer-focused staff with strong English
    We understand that technical support is not all that is required to please your customers, and that professional customer service skills are important too.
  • Most ticket systems supported
    Supported systems include PerlDesk, Kayako, RT, Help Center Live, and more. We can support most proprietary ticket systems as well as long as the system is capable of sending us a notification via email as soon as a ticket is lodged or updated.

Need a Certified System Administrator?

Talk'n'Tickets also offers Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs), and Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) / Microsoft Certified System Administrators (MCSAs) to carry out your system administration tasks.

Your assigned Certified System Administrator can carry out a wide range of system administration tasks including installations, upgrades, reconfiguration, performance tweaking, migrations, server hardening, general system maintenance, log reviews, research and development and more.

Prices start from $449 per month.


For further information please either visit our website at:or call us on one of the following numbers:
  • US Toll-Free: 1-800-650-8870
  • UK Toll-Free: 0800-118-2105
  • Australia Toll-Free: 1800-046-664

Thank you for your interest.