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    Domain -
    - This was the domain name used by for their reseller services before they closed down.
    - This domain has registration date of 2007-08-16 and is registered until 2009-08-16 (yyyy-mm-dd).
    - The domain name is great for any reselling related business model.

    Traffic - No guarantee, so consider none.
    Data - None
    Content - None
    Reason for sale - I had plans to develop it, but due to lack of time and urgent fund requirements, I need to sell this.

    Sale Details
    Sale Type - Auction
    Start Price - $100
    Minimum Increment - $1
    Buy it Now - $400
    Payment via - Paypal funds and, only from verified account.
    Registered at -
    Transfer method - Free-push to account at (logicboxes system)

    Other details/ Terms and Conditions -
    - I am looking to trade with someone who has been in this community for atleast 1 year.
    - Preferred payment: via paypal funds.
    - There would be a transfer lock for 45 days to ensure payment is good/ undisputed, after that you can freely transfer the name anywhere you feel like.
    - In the meantime you'll have complete management under your account.

    Auction closing date - July 15th 2009, 00.00 Hours GMT.

    I have tried my best to explain and provide all the details and clauses, but still if you have any problem/ queries.
    OR, you wish to bid, use any of the following options -

    - Private Message
    - Email
    - Reply to this thread

    Auction also listed at - (at the time of last edit here)
    - Namepros
    - DNForum
    - DigitalPoint
    - WebHostingTalk

    For the links, please private message or, email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rules
    Rules regarding auctions:
    Auctions must be conducted under the following guidelines.

    If you are selling:

    1. If you have a reserve, start the bidding at your reserved price.
    2. Clearly post an end date and time expressed in GMT.
    3. State accepted payment methods.
    4. If an auction is not exclusive to WHT, you must display the URL(s) within the thread.
    5. End the auction at the end date and time you stated. Or when the "Buy It Now" price is reached, if you listed one.
    6. Transfer ownership to the winner.

    If you are buying:

    1. You are responsible for the bids you post. Bid only if you plan to buy.
    2. Publicly post your bid.
    3. If you win an auction, pay the seller.
    Since this auction is not exclusive to WHT, you need to post the URL's to the other auction's.
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    This name has been purchased by us and it is been developed. Thank you.
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    It took you 5 years to tell us this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthHosts View Post
    It took you 5 years to tell us this?
    Not really, just that we picked it very late. This is just for notice purposes.

    Thank you for asking.
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