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    Have a nice VPS with about 15 web sites so far...

    My question is, now that the server is at least reasonable secure and the web sites setup, is there a way I can take a disk "image" of the VPS so that if, say the hardware it is on was flooded with water, when the new server was up, I could just restore the IMAGE and be up and running without all the setup all over again?

    I come from Windows where Acronis disk imaging would do the trick, but I was wondering if there was something similar for Cpanel VPS's?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Dave, I would recommend downloading a full backup of your accounts to your local desktop. Or you can copy the /backup folder which will do the same. Do you have access to a VPS Management tool such as Virtuozzo?

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    Hey Jason, I do have a Virtuozzo control panel that I have access to. VPP I think they call it. I am going to check the backup folder. yes, download to my computer will do fine. Do not need a fancy backup server just yet

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    Dave, use your Virtuozzo Power Panel to manage your backups and you should be good to go.

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    OK, I will have a look now. Thanks.

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    OK, I found how to start the backup. But will I be able to download it to say my computer? I can only figure it is backing up to the same server it is on.

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    You should be able to download the backup to your computer. Alternatively you can set the backup to be send to the same server and then download it from the appropriate directory.

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    Thanks, I am sure the backup has completed by now. I will download it.

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    No worries, it was a pleasure assisting you. Enjoy your VPS

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