Now offering FluidVM managed OpenVZ VPS accounts!

All new VPS accounts are now being offered using the FluidVM management
console... Once again you can reboot, view traffic stats, etc. on your
own vps server without putting in a ticket.

New FluidVM VPS accounts will be placed on our newest server featuring:
Dual Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, 32GB of Registered ECC RAM,
4 Western Digital "RAID Edition 2" drives in hardware RAID-10 with dedicated
128MB of cache and battery backup unit. Also featuring include nightly
local snapshot (no downtime) vzdumps, and weekly offsite vzdump.

VPS Accounts

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Basic VPS
Equal Share CPU
RAM: 256MB Minimum, 512MB Burst
20GB HD Space
100GB Bandwidth
Reg. $29.95 per month, $19.47 after promo code

Advanced VPS
Equal Share CPU
Ram: 384MB Minimum, 768MB Burst
40GB HD Space
200GB Bandwidth
$44.95 per month, $29.22 after promo code

Premium VPS
Equal Share CPU
RAM: 512MB Minimum, 768MB Burst
40GB HD Space
200GB Bandwidth
$64.95 per month, $42.22 after promo code

Order at

Server information:

If you have any questions, drop me a PM or email me at
rob -at- LagniappeInternet -dot- com

Q. What is the IP address to ping?

Q. Do you have a speedtest file?
A. Sure... (right click, save as)

Q. Are you a reseller?
A. No. We own all of our own servers. We have them located at 2 different data centers: Virtbiz in Dallas, and Tulix in Atlanta.

Q. Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
A. Yes! 30 days... It's not "no questions asked" though, we'd like to know why you're leaving, but it has nothing to do with whether you get money back, we'd just like to know why so we can improve.

Q. What control panels are available?
A. For VPS control we are using FluidVM from Binary Karma.
For your website control panel, we're happy to install Vitualmin, cPanel/WHM, and DirectAdmin (license fees not included)

Q. Where are your servers / Who are your bandwidth providers?
A. Tulix in Atlanta providing Telia, Level3 and Cogent Virtbiz in Dallas provides Level 3, AboveNet, Global Crossing, Cogent

Q. Are your servers oversold/overloaded?
A. Absolutely not! We don't oversell, and typical server load is VERY light. As I write this the load averages on the customer facing servers, are running from 0.03 to 0.68 with an average of 0.31!

Q. Do you monitor your servers or our VPS'es?
A. Yes! The nodes are remotely monitored by 2 external services plus our own nagios system.
We will also be happy to add your VPS into the nagios system.

Q: Do you allow proxy sites, IRC, warez or other copyrighted and/or illegal material?
A: No. VPSes found to be running any of the above will be disabled without warning.

Q: Do you make backups of all VPSs?
A: Yes!
1) Nightly vzdump snapshot on the same server.
2) Weekly copy of the vzdump to a NAS unit in the office in New Orleans.
3) We can mail you a CD/DVD based copy of the vzdump to you. Free annually, $5 plus shipping afterwards.
But we still suggest that you make and keep a backup yourself as well.

Q. Do you have a price protection policy?
A. Unlike many hosts, we do. If you see a special we're offering, you can get that special just by asking for it, up to 1 change per year.

Note: These Q&A are for VPS accounts. Reseller account answers may vary...