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    we need deticated host but do not know how to choose

    we are looking for deticated server to host our domains but actualy I am confused which host to choose.
    I am thinking for the host from the application point of view that we need a host like that offers asp components that we need in our applications , also we need .net server , SQL and mail.
    I do not know how to choose such server but we need the features over there in a deticated server.
    also should it be only one server and setup all those programs on it , or should it be 2 servers one for web and email and the other for sql , or should it be 3 servers mail , web and sql servers or maybe one server for web and email and get space on shared sql server.
    that is so confusing for me , please if any one can help and tell me how to choose .

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    As it looks like you want to host around Windows technologies (ASP, MS SQL server etc), I strongly recommend for dedicated Windows hosting.

    I've been with them for about a month now and their service is superb - any support query is answered within minutes and they will go to great lengths to help you configure and optimise your site(s) on their hardware.

    Talk to them about the best infrastructure design for your requirements - they have a dedicated SQL server that you may want to use initially ($1/Mb storage/month, I believe) before migrating to your own multi server set up.

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    I would recommend getting two servers. One for your mail and web space and the other for your SQL. Now this also all depends on how big these databases are and how many sites you are hositng. Another option is to get a dual processor server. Just my 2 cents.
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    Hello Mohmedsh,
    Depending upon your needs, MaximumASP could be an excellent solution. They offer virtual dedicated servers which is better than shared but not as good as dedicated. This can be very cost effective. They also know the W2K and .NET very well.

    Depending upon your traffic and the number of querries, you may or may not want to run SQL on your server. It is always best to separate them, however, this can get expensive and if cost is a huge factor, you may want to explore some other options.

    SQL is a HUGE resource hog and will require you to set up your server very carefully. Make sure your host knows Windows very well. You will need extra RAM and a strong processor. Probably in your situation, dual processors may not be a valid option as the SQL license is by the processor and the licenses are expensive.

    Your first option may be to get a more basic dedicated server and utilize a shared SQL solution. This gets the SQL off of your server, therefore lowering your hardware requirements. This solution usually works for customers needing smaller amounts of database usage. Most hosts measure this by the size of your db. I think maximumasp offers 100MB with their virtual dedicated server packages. Also check to see if your host offers a free email account running on their server, this gets email off your server again lowering the hardware requirements. (I am basing this on typical email usage, if you have heavy email traffic this will change).

    Another option (a preferred method) would be to get two servers to start out. One for web and mail and one for SQL. They can be connected with a cross over cable so you are not paying for web traffic to talk between the servers and it is faster. You can also set up the db server more securely this way.

    The best option would be to have three servers. Unless you know your need is already there, I would count this as an option to grow into. Once your traffic has grown and your revenue is up you can then migrate mail to a third server.

    All of these solutions will work, including all three on one server, it just depends upon your budget. Keep in mind SQL is best on its own server. Most hosts will allow you to upgrade without huge additional costs, so as your need grows, you can grow with your host.

    Good luck.

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