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    Exclamation Valdateing a Form


    I have an already working HTML form with a php mailer. I was wondering what would be the best way to validate certain fields on the form for completion?

    Thank you,
    Juston G

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    Check out LiveValidation: It does js validation of fields while typing.
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    Server side validation, ultimately. Ajax validation is nice but still requires something on the backend so get that working -- being alert to the sorts of problems you'll run into is something of a prerequisite -- and then dive into the fancy stuff.

    Let me google that for you:

    Numerous ideas in the first few links.

    Add Ajax:

    Google takes all the fun out of things.

    Edit: I should add that I am a big proponent of using a decent web application framework, the better examples of which have already wrestled over all sorts of issues ranging from user authentication and session handling to forms and form validation. If a developer can find a decent framework for PHP (or ^ insert language here ^) that fits their brain the'll find themselves a lot more productive and spending less time reinventing the wheel... often not very well.
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    For simple validation like required fields, phone number format, email address etc use client-side Javascript.

    More advanced validation i.e. checking input against the database requires Ajax. As noted above Google knows pretty much about this stuff.

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    LOL at lmgtfy, *fistbumps mwatkins*

    You really want server-side validation only, client side is nice for looks but ultimately, you'll give away your validation routines, so someone can easily bypass them. Present the client with the simplest interface possible, and redirect back with a 401 header if they mess up.
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