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    Arrow BurstNet Poor Service Any Ideas?

    Hello, I have been holding back from posting this but I just don't know what else to do BurstNet are not responding and are doing nothing to help.

    I have been a BurstNet reseller for about 6 months, never had an issue with them. But recently I have had the worst experience possible and I hope no other reseller ever falls into this problem.

    It all starts.

    06-13-2009 - 03:52AM

    My Client:
    My clients server is offline I get a support ticket.

    My Response:
    I have asked BurstNet to reboot the server.

    BurstNet Response:
    Grub cant seem to find an os to boot. Have you changed anything on this server recently?

    My Response:
    We haven't changed any settings on the server.

    BurstNet Response:
    They said the OS was corrupt and then.

    They gave me a list of options and I opted for them to install a new hard drive and set the old drive as a slave so I could recover the data.

    Which would cost me $25.

    The server then comes back online after 24 hours. I start to set up my clients box again and the server crashed again.

    This is where Hell starts.

    06-15-2009 - 01:28AM

    Ticket to BurstNet:
    Please can there be a reboot I cannot access the server.

    BurstNet Response:
    Many files seem to be missing from the OS, including fstab. It seems these files have been removed or corrupt. The machine is going to need a reinstall as it wont even boot now.

    My Response:
    There has to be some hardware issue with server, since it was reinstalled today. All that was done was setting up of whm. We didn't even get to copy data over yet.

    Please can someone fix this. Thanks

    BurstNet Response:
    I can send the machine over to build/repair and they will give the machine some new hardware in case the machine itself is messing things up.

    My Response:
    Please can we get this back online asap, customer is really giving me a headache


    12 Hours later the system is back online.

    I start to setup my clients server again. Finally complete now starts the copying of my clients data from the old hard drive.

    My Response:
    I was just about to move my customers data and now the hard drive is missing?

    There is no slave hard drive to mount please can someone look.


    Adam Summers

    BurstNet Response:

    Seems that the drive is in the server but not connected.

    We are going to reboot the server and connect the drive, it should be back up shortly.

    My Response: 06-18-2009 - 04:45PM
    This hard drive is the wrong hard drive it used to have 180 + gigs of data the hard drive now has 188 megs.

    This looks like this is the new drive they installed in the last server which crashed but my clients drive which was a slave in the last server is missing still.

    Since the 18th at 04:45PM this is the last response I have had from BurstNet.

    It is now the 25th I have sent them a ticket every day asking for an update with no response I have also had other tickets answered from there operations manager saying someone would reply. Also I have spoken to BurstNet support and they have said on many times they have made this ticket aware to the correct department.

    Still no response.

    I am posting this here to please see if anyone has any ideas or to get some sort of response from BurstNet. My customer has already charged back the money he paid for the server and is threatening legal action against me unless he gets his data returned.

    This is not an exact copy of the support tickets but a brief outline of what has happened.

    Ticket ID: 1695980
    Status: OPEN
    When Created: 06-15-2009 - 01:28AM
    Elapsed Time: 11 days
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    I apologize for the non-responsiveness on this issue.
    It looks to be a confusing situation due to multiple re-installations occurring, and we need to get to the bottom of it.
    As mentioned via support ticket, we are looking into this issue and will be getting back to you ASAP today, and will respond to your support ticket as soon as we have the information we require to do so.

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    Thank you BurstNet

    I guess posting on this forum was the correct thing to do for a response.
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    I don’t know if you have their AIM, let us know how it go's.

    About the client thing, don't worries because if he didn't have a secondary drive for backup than his also to blame.

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    Their AIM is: BurstNET

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    Good to see a prompt response from BurstNET on the issue, even if it was only after posting on WHT. Good luck getting your issue resolved.

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    Good luck, I hope they find the drive for you. Would suck if they didn't.
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    I'm just curious but how did everything go? was it a successful restore for you?

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    Burst live chat support is superb.

    Although after reading this, I got anxious about the hardware they use for lease. I hope all of them are in great condition and not faulty.

    But so far I will rate burst support as 8/10. There are times its not online but very rare.

    Is everything ok now? What was the root cause of this?

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