Hey I'm looking for a new design for my site (http://www.soundcheckmusic.com) because I'm too busy and lazy to make a new layout for my site. I'm looking for a design that is kinda like (http://thetrc.net). That design seems pretty hard to make so I'm looking for something similar. The best design I pick gets...

125 MB Space
5 GB Transfer
All the usuals

Hosting requirement: You must have a domain name (.com/.net/uni.cc or anything that has DNS settings, it can be a free domain)

Please reply with an image or page of the design along with your email. Please enter all designs by November 17, 2002. Thanks alot! If you have any questions, gimme an email ([email protected]) or instant message me on AIM (hughjazz08) or MSN Instant Messanger ([email protected]). Thanks again!