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    restoring a CPmove file in my Cpanel VPS and...

    it says there is already a group with that name. This domain did go flooey on me when I first tried to set it up as I had reached my niode limit. that setting has been fixed, but it appears that there is some residual stuff that is keeping me from setting up this domain. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave

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    Dave, check your server to ensure the username isn't listed in /home and also no dns setup for your If listed, please delete both and try restoring from your cpmove file. Let me know how it goes.

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    If you're a bit familiar with SSH:

    1. SSH to the server
    2. Copy the backup file to folder /home
    3. run /scripts/restore --force /home/<backup-file.tar.gz>

    Good luck
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    Thanks, I will try that. I am a little more familiar with Windows than Linux at this time. I did go ahead and was able to successfully setup the domain using a modified user name for the account. And Name Cheap propagated in about 3 minutes. Man, I love it when that happens

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