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    Help Needed in setting up the website

    Hey Guys,
    I have bought an Reseller Account in about 20 days back. Till now my experience with them is fine and hope it continues well. But as they do not provide me a hosting template I'm presently facing many problems. The main issue is if a client comes to me he also asks me to provide me with a domain name. For this issue two times I have bought the domains from Godaddy and changed the DNS, but my clients have noticed in their domains that the domain was bought in Godaddy as the DNS takes 24-48hrs to update. Anyone help please for my branding or suggest me a reseller who provide me with a domain registration also.


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    You can get a Domain Reseller from or and as for templates you may try
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    I'd also recommend enom or reseller club - if your billing software allows it, you could just integrate one into the other and have your clients order directly from your site and have it all automated (although it's not recommended for domains since you could be defrauded)

    as for templtes, I'd recommend you hire someone to design one for you - it's better to look unique than look like a dozen other hosts using the same template.

    good luck to you and your business.

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